Badulla, Sri Lanka

Journey to Badulla

Traveling to Badulla by train is a wonderful experience since you can see fantastic scenery in the upcountry. It is advisable to reserve your seat in advance especially if you plan to visit on long holidays.

Places to Visit in Badulla

Dunhinda Waterfall

This is a famous and beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka, located about 5 kilometers from Badulla town. The water falls from a height of about 64 meters and looks like smoke coming from a pipe, then turning the other way. After walking about 1.5 km from the entrance, you will reach the falls. On the way, you can see monkeys, birds, and butterflies.

This is a great place for tourists who love wildlife. You can see animals best in June and July. If you visit between November and March, when there is a lot of water, the waterfall is especially beautiful because of the heavy rains. Dunhinda Falls also provides water for Uma Oya, Hal Oya, and other small rivers.

Bogoda Wooden Bridge

The Bogoda Wooden Bridge, located in the Katawala Bogoda area just 7 meters west of Badulla town, is a remarkable piece of history. Visitors can explore this ancient wooden bridge at any time of the day. Built in the 16th century during the Dambadeniya era, the bridge showcases the exceptional woodcraft of that time. A unique feature of this bridge is that all the nails used in its construction are made of wood.

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